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The Assassination of Russia

The Documentary

I recently stumbled across an alarming documentary about the Russian Apartment Bombings that I would like to share. After viewing the film, I did some mad googling and background digging on the subject and I have created a partial list of source materials (mostly from good ol' Wiki but verified by other sources) for anyone interested in investigating the issue.

If you don't have time to sit and watch the 45 minute doc, then click the link below to read a really good article on the Ryazan “training exercise” by LA Times writer, Muara Reynolds.

The Background

Individuals involved with the Kovalev Commission

Role: Russian politician and human rights activist that started the Kovalev Commission.

Status: Alive.

Role: Russian politician, lawmaker and author who was a member of the Kovalev Commission.

Status: Died under mysterious circumstances.

Method: Poison.

Role: Russian politician and lawmaker who was a vice-chairman of the Kovalev Commission.

Status: Murdered.

Method: Shot.

Role: Russian politician and journalist who was a member of Kovalev Commission.

Status: Died in a car crash. Had been assaulted two years before his death, in November 2003.

Kovalev Commission investigators and related experts

Role: Kovalev Commission Investigator.

He was interviewed by war correspondent Scott Anderson, who wrote an article for GQ magazine about Trepashkin and the Russian bombings which was suppressed by the magazines editorial board and ownership.

Status: Alive but was jailed and punished.

Role: Former KGB officer, author of two books about bombing and related events, and outspoken critic of Putin.

Status: Murdered.

Method: Radioactive Poison.

Journalists and other notable persons who believed the FSB was responsible for bombings

Role: A Russian historian living in the U.S. Wrote book “Blowing up Russia” with Litvinenko and “The Age of Assassins” with Vladimir Pribylovsky.

Status: Alive.

Role: Former Moscow correspondent and expert on Russia and the Soviet Union. He wrote the book “Darkness at Dawn”, which asserted that the FSB was responsible for bombings, and gave testimony before the U.S. House of Representatives regarding his allegations.

Status: Alive.

Role: Successful academic and author, who wrote “Square Wheels: How Russian Democracy Got Derailed”.

Status: Alive.

Role: C0-authored book “The Age of the Assassins” with Felshtinsky.

Status: Alive.

Role: Famous journalist for Novaya Gazeta, author of “Putin’s Russia” and outspoken critic of Putin

Status: Murdered.

Method: Shot.

Role: A Russian film and TV director. He created the film “Rebellion: The Litvinenko Case”.

Status: Alive.

Role: Was a Russian politician and former general of high regard. Other than his belief that the FSB was behind the bombings, he was also noted for alleging that more than a hundred suitcase-sized nuclear weapons designed for sabotage were not in Russian control.

Status: Died in a helicopter crash.

Role: Was a prominent Russian journalist, investigative reporter and media magnate. His last investigation was on the bombings and he quoted Putin as saying, “There are three ways to influence people: blackmail, vodka, and the threat to kill.”

Status: Died in an airplane crash. Received several deaths threats prior to death.

Articles from other notable reporters who discovered evidence suggesting FSB involvement in the bombings

Other notable individuals who supported the conspiracy theory or cast doubt on the official story

A partial list of people who also criticized, investigated or were associated with Putin and who died under mysterious circumstances, were murdered or survived assassination attempts.

Role: A former KGB officer who defected to the U.S. in 1953. Became an outspoken critic of Putin.

Status: Died of “Heart Attack”. Had been the victim of an assassination attempt during lifetime.

Role: Former colleague of Putin. Suspected of criminal and corruption related activity.

Status: Murdered.

Method: Radioactive poison.

Role: Russian political figure.

Status: Igor Ponomarev died “suddenly” in London shortly before his scheduled meeting with Mario Scaramella, Mr. Litvinenko's associate.

Method: Most likely poisoned.

Role: American investigative journalist of Russian descent.

Status: Murdered.

Method: Was shot.

Role: The third president of Ukraine, following the Orange Revolution.

Status: Alive, survived poison attempt.

Man Russian authorities say is behind allegations of FSB involvement in the bombings

Role: A prominent Russian oligarch and critic of Putin.

Status: Apparent Suicide.

FSB officers allegedly involved in bombings who were killed.

Vladimir Romanovich, an FSB officer who was identified by Tespashkin as the man who rented the basement of a building subsequently bombed, died in a hit and run accident in Cyprus.

Marina Salye 

Role: Ex-Politician and prominent critic of Putin 

Status: Died in 2012 due to an apparent heart attack. 

Related Articles regarding Marina Salye 

Video interview with Marina Sayle prior to her death.


Other suspects in the case who were killed

Denis Saitakov

Khakim Abayev

Ravil Akhmyarov

Timur Batchayev

Zaur Batchayev

People connected to bombings who disappeared

Three unknown FSB agents who conducted “training exercise” in Ryazan. Their identity and fates remain unknown.

Other links

Other views critical of Putin


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