Saturday, March 13, 2010

Making Sense of Canada

Understanding Our Governments Role at Home and Abroad - An Open Source Guide for Canadians


Supreme Court

Auditor General


Government of Canada

Government of Canada - Official Site


Prime Ministers Office

Privy Council Office

Canada’s Foreign Policy

National Defence News Room

Department of Fisheries and Oceans

Public Safety Canada

Department of Justice

CSIS Reports

CISC Reports

RCMP Reports

National Security Investigation Service (Press Release)

RCMP Performance Assessment - Survey of Stakeholders

Threats to Canadian Society

Environment Canada

Stupid to the Last Drop

Avatar Sands

Climate Wars

Territorial Claims in the Arctic

Concentration of Media Ownership

Foreign Ownership of Companies of Canada

Capital Flight

Capital Flight and the Challenge to Reform - The Greek Example

Street Gangs (Book and Blog)

Prison Gangs

RCMP Organized Crime Watch

RCMP Report on Organized Crime

Attorney General of B.C. (see publications and news releases)

Espionage and Foreign Interference (CSIS Report)

Threats of Foreign Espionage (book)

Terrorist Groups Operating in Canada (think tank)

Currently Listed Entities (PS report)

Asian Organized Crime and Terrorist Activity in Canada (Library of Congress)

Related Resources

Canadian Association for Security and Intelligence Studies

Conflict Studies Journal

Canadian Intelligence Resource Center

Inside Canadian Intelligence (book)

Citizen Advocacy Resources

How’d They Vote?

Ethics Commissioner

Information Commissioner

Freedom of Information (B.C.)

Privacy Commissioner

Privacy Commissioner (B.C.)

Security Intelligence Review Committee

Office of the CSE Commissioner

Military Police Complaints Commission

Canadian Forces Ombudsman

Public Complaints Against the RCMP

Police Complaints Commissioner (B.C.)

Security Industry Complaints (B.C.)

B.C. Ombudsman

Non Governmental Watchdog Groups

Canadian Civil Liberties Association

Electronic Privacy Information Center

Privacy International

Information on International Law

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights

United Nations International Law

United Nations and the Rule of Law

General Analysis on US, UN and International Law

Partial Record of Canada's Voting History in the United Nations

International Court of Justice

International Criminal Court (non UN)


Nathanson Centre on Transnational Human Rights, Crime and Security

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